We are a group of researchers broadly interested in the interaction between geometry and computer science: not only how machines can be used to understand shape, but also how geometry informs the way we do computation. Digital geometry processing plays a vital role in both engineering and scientific discovery, as well as in our everyday lives via emerging technologies like depth cameras and 3D printing. Likewise, insights from discrete differential geometry have in recent years unearthed computational paradigms surpassing the best-known schemes from traditional scientific computing and numerical analysis.

The Geometry Collective is comprised of individuals from a variety of disciplines. Current members include:

Administrative Support:  Christina Contreras

Past Members

  • Sam Estep — PhD (Computer Science)
  • Ethan Lu — BS (Mathematics) [now Math PhD at Stanford]
  • Daniel Li — BS (Material Science)
  • Hesper Yin — BS (Computer Science) [now CS PhD at UCSD]
  • Maxwell Slater — BS (Computer Science / Math) [now at Jane Street]
  • Josua Sassen — PhD (Mathematics, University of Bonn)
  • Nick Sharp — PhD (Computer Science) [now Senior Research Scientist at NVIDIA]
  • Chris Yu — PhD (Computer Science) [now at Pixar]
  • Kai Ye — PhD (Computer Science) [now Research Scientist at Basis AI]
  • Ray Ye — BS (Physics)
  • Alex Havrilla — BS (Computer Science & Mathematics) [now CS PhD at Georgia Tech]
  • Connor Lin — MS (Computer Science) [now CS PhD at Stanford]
  • Josh Kalapos — BS (Computer Science) [now at Amazon Robotics]
  • Rain Du — BS (Computer Science & Art) [now CS MS at USC]
  • Nimo Wode Ni — BS (CS @ Columbia U) [now CS PhD at CMU]
  • Adrian Hagerty — PhD (Mathematics)
  • Yousuf Soliman — BS (Mathematics & Computer Science) [now Applied Math PhD at Caltech]
  • Tina Vaz — BS (Mathematics) [now at Amazon]
  • Lily Shellhammer — BS (CS & Math BS @ OSU)
  • Joshua Brakensiek — BS (Mathematics) [now CS PhD at Stanford]
  • Joel Loo — BS (ECE)
  • Etienne Corman — Postdoc (Applied Mathematics) [now tenured at CNRS]
  • Mina Konakovic — PhD (Computer Science, EPFL) [now tenure track at MIT EECS]
  • Chris Kaffine — BS (Electrical and Computer Engineering) [now at NREC]
  • Derek Liu — MS (Mechanical Engineering) [now CS PhD at UToronto]
  • Bryce Summers — BS (Computer Science) [now faculty at NOVA]
Recent & Upcoming Visitor talks: Support: Our work is generously sponsored by Activision/Blizzard, Adobe, Autodesk, Disney Research, Facebook, nTopology, the Packard Foundation, and the National Science Foundation.